To Chicago, With Love

This post is about all the things that I love about Chicago and USA in general. As promised, here is the post I have been talking about, in no order of importance: Cold stone Creamery - the way the ice cream is prepared is just one degree¬†short of the goodness of the ice cream itself.... Continue Reading →



Hmm.. a weekly challenge that is right up my street. A list of things- I love lists! A countdown list - even better. If it were not for the fact that I do not know what I will be¬†writing about. And then creativity strikes- a countdown list of things I learned this year. I ma... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 2

Merry Christmas to all! Hope everybody has had a lovely Christmas, full of presents, joy and cheer. it is the season of giving and receiving. While I do not celebrate Christmas, I am thankful to God because for being blessed enough to receive so much. In today's post, I give you all the things I... Continue Reading →

March- Appreciate

With the end of March, it's time to evaluate my goals and targets for the month. March meant Appreciation month for me. My goals were to resume my Gratitude Journal. This is a diary wherein I list all the things that caused me joy or reminded me to thank God for the blessed life I... Continue Reading →

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