Arlington Heights Library Visit

 We recently  visited the Arlington Heights library and enjoyed the reflection table. T giggled her heart out and enjoyed it immensely, I am looking for ideas to replicate the reflection/sensory table.   We also crafted the heart-wrap box that we had done for Valentines Day as well   Plus, we created the Kindness cards   to hang... Continue Reading →


2016 Blogging Review

This week's post is a review of my review of blogging in 2016. After careful scrutiny and studying the insights provided by WordPress' awesome dashboard; here is what I learnt! My About Me is my top performing page. To be honest, the most viewed one IS my Home Page, but as per unique views, About Me trumps the rest.... Continue Reading →

Delaware Trip- Part 2

Another post on another place we visited in Delaware while visiting my sis and her hubby. This time the pictures are of Delaware Museum of Natural History. We wanted to explore the gardens and the Fox family (stone creations) but could not due to rain. We also loved the reef - a tiny exhibit that... Continue Reading →

Delaware Trip- Part 1

After a lovely trip to the First State, can a post be far behind? Enter today's photo post. Winterthur Museum: A stately building with over hundred rooms that was the residence of the Dupont family is now a museum that visitors can view and marvel. The family collected period furniture and dinnerware and fabrics of... Continue Reading →

Egyptian Adventure

A Lightning bolt lit up the desert sky just as the bold explorers entered the centuries-old pyramid. Without flinching, armed with backpacks, the two strode in with grim determination and reckless courage. The inside of the vast tomb of ancient Pharaohs was cold, dark and eerie. Less knowledgeable archaeologists would have found the complex, web-covered... Continue Reading →

The Leap

It was a sheer drop. My heart was beating as hard as drum rolls at a college party. I had seen 7 others go before me and knew that it would be over in 10 seconds. I also knew that I would be pushed off without mercy in the next minute if not less. I... Continue Reading →

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