About Me 2017

Every year I update my "About Me" and re-post the content of the previous one. It's a nice way to look back at my writing, life, goals and voice and look forward to the New Year. Plus, it's a brilliant hack to add a post with minimal effort. There is effort involved obviously in updating the... Continue Reading →


(Not) About Me – 2015

I had written in previous post that I will be sharing reasons why I did not change my About Me page in 2015. So, here are my reasons for not having a new revamped About Me Page in 2015: The year had a rocky start. In fact, I wrote a post just to feel better in... Continue Reading →

About Me – 2013

Ok, here is my About Me Page from 2012-14 as promised. I had updated it slightly in 2013 and start of 2014 (check 'Mantra' para) before rewriting it completely at the end of Jan 2014. Let me know what you think? ------------------------------- How do I describe myself or this blog? Well, my One Minute Sales Pitch... Continue Reading →

About Me – 2014

As promised , here is my About Page from 2014. I am a 20-something from Mumbai (India) residing in Chicago. I am a bookworm, a great talker and I love street food and trinkets. This blog is all about my musings and opinions. Early in Feb last (2013) year, I also became mommy to BabyT.... Continue Reading →

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