I am so pleased I stuck out with this Daily Challenge.

I did it – 10 whole days!!! And already onto Day 11. (Gratitude #1)

Full Disclosure: I was tempted to cave in yesterday as the little one had scraped herself the previous day. A result of her usual Tasmanian Devilish antics, my trying to curb the same after the incident, her sleeping badly and keeping me awake in consequence- I had excuses. Add to the list, my phone battery had died by morning. And we were almost late for (gasp!) virtual school.

But I did not miss the posting.

I knew I had enough good points to be thankful for. And having a festival, that too of the Baby Avatar of Lord Vishnu, no less helped immensely. It was almost like divine guidance – His Mother had to deal with her child fighting with Demons and worse. What’s a few scrapes and sleepless nights, right??

Call it faith or the power of Gratitude or simply years of parenting having finally taught me to roll with the punches; the article was posted.

So, today’s second Gratitude goes out to the theme of posting itself. The Lens of Gratitude seems to be working. Like a new pair glasses, they seem different and it feels easier to rip them off and squint and they are heavy… but they definitely improve the perspective. (Pun fully intended.)

My third Gratitude is also related to festival of Krishna. We made sweet butter with a mixture of softened unsalted butter and sugar as an offering to the Lord. As a result, I have discovered the joy of eating said spread on a piece of buttered toast. Yumm!!!!

So, what have you attracted in your life with a positive outlook? Are you trying to shift the focus to the little joys of life?

As ever, stay cheerful, stay vibrant, stay blessed.