Another week, another prompt from of the book review blog challenge. To be precise, last prompt of the challenge. #BookReviewBlogChallenge

Welcome to Day 08 of the #BookReviewBlogChallenge, and the LAST challenge prompt!

today’s theme – “STAR”.

For this prompt, I choose Ann Rajaram’s book Data Science Jobs: Career Guide for Students & Professionals

Rating :

5/5 Stars

Justification :

How does this book align with the prompt of the day?

In many ways like these:

  • What is the one technique people think of when they think of interviews? That’s right- STAR method. This book is about job searches and interviews. (Yep, logical connection)
  • With many people laid off or stressed out about further personnel reductions, people are trying to prep up for the jobs of the future as well as the fields that show potential for growth. And the #1 STAR in that list is of course, Analytics and Data Science. This book is a practical guide for people seeking jobs in the field.
  • Bagging the most coveted job of the current times might seem like shooting for the stars but this book breaks it down to a carefully constructed plan of execution.
  • Full disclosure- I do know the author. And that is the chief reason the book struck me as an apt one for the prompt. She IS a star. Award winning employee with a dazzling career graph, she also heads women’s initiatives in STEM aside from blogging and mentoring. (Considering how intensive all these can be individually themselves, it speaks volumes about her talents!)
  • This book is also the highest Starred book I read in 2019 As per my Goodreads Year in Review!
  • Reviews :

    This book is more of a guide for job seekers in Data Science. It’s highly targeted and has specific strategies to bag roles in set industry.

    It is beneficial for students and professionals alike, outlining steps for both cohorts.

    The book is rightfully the bestseller in three categories, because it is extremely action oriented.

    Which brings me to the next important point. It is short. Though the more accurate phrase would be clear and concise. I appreciate that the author respects the time of her readers and keeps her narrative short and specific. Remember the book is about jobs. Looking for jobs is a full time job in itself, so I fit one, am happy to digest less fluff and more substance.

    To avoid spoilers, please find below a screen grab of the book description:

    Loved the book and am happy to note that all the points I highlighted above are truly covered. And that is what makes it the worthy submission for today’s prompt.

    As ever, if you read the book, let me know your thoughts. If not, do you think you’d read based on this review? Share your thoughts and responses in the comments.

    (Sadly, I am not getting paid for the review. Though I do wonder if I should ask her to add my review in her next edition? Or blog? Help me out with your opinions.)