Happy Halloween & Advent Calendar

Is it Halloween yet? How long? How many days before we go Trick or Treating?
Any parent of a small child who’s in the Halloween celebrating world knows what I’m talking about. Kids want to celebrate, dress up and more importantly actually be given loads and loads of candies by otherwise protesting, admonishing grown ups. (Mostly! I confess I have used treats as a bribe!)
This year- October once again saw the kiddo repeating the same question over and over. When is Halloween? It reminds me every year of the famous dialogue in the Bollywood classic Sholay where the villain asks “Holi kab  hai?” (Loose translation: When is the Festival of Colors) The little darling has the same sense of urgency and eagerness as the aforementioned character in that scene as both can’t wait to plunder the town! 

Anyway, I decided to go the Advent Calendar way this year. Why should only Christmas have an advent calendar? I’d like to do it for all occasions that my kindergartener anticipates! 

It was so much fun too making the calendar and decorating with appropriate magents. And oh, the joy on T’s face as she crossed off each day! (And the devious grin on mine every time I could point her to the calendar as an answer to the burning question of the day!🤣)

Our calendar is not too fancy; just fun to make and simple to use. T herself chose the magnets she felt were Halloween themed (hence the bad apple and large animals and cats). The board itself is our Melissa Doug calendar cum white board. I was happy because again it was a craft we could make without too much of fuss or mess and repurposed existing toys. (Plus, it got us doing the calendar daily. See how I sneaked in a bit of learning without making it a chore for me or the little one! 😜🤓)

With that, here’s wishing everyone a very Happy (and not too sugary) Halloween! 


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