Recently we visited the Historical Museum right in Arlington Heights. Small and quaint, it turned out to be quite a fun place for the kiddo who was delighted with the kid friendly section.

I will confess here that I had never heard of the place, even though it’s the proverbial hop, skip and jump from the library and on my route from the station to the library. (Yes, that is another way how I make time to reach those Goodreads reading goals- Reading before I head home with Hubby and kiddo.) Back to how I eventually ended up at the Museum- it was thanks to a baby shower hosted on the party venue in the premises. How awesome is that! 

 The building:


 I love seeing these old grandfather clocks! This one was really a masterpiece built as it is like a tower/ castle.

Even though it was a mourning attire, the intricacy and ornate lace is beautiful. Even after all these years. 

Yes, that IS a skeleton in the coffin. (Not sure if real) And it was not too scary.  Plus, with this month being October , the kids all seemed to assume it was Halloween decoration. 🤣
 This horse looked quite real. (To a city slicker like me at least)


This was the kids’ favorite. Everyone had a go at stirring imaginary batters and sodas.

Another interactive piece for kids. 

Other pictures:

There was also a red wagon that the kids had a gala time on. Unfortunately all the photos I clicked has the kids which is why am not sharing here. 

But it is a great outing for kids if you ever want a little local touristy thing to do. And if you do change your mind, there is alway the library! 😞