Arts and Crafty

Today’s post is a short list of some of the are and crafts projects Kiddo and I started.

  • Book Log: courtesy her Kindergarten homework, T has been trying to read a book every night where she’ll follow every word with her wand. (Such a good use of all the princess stuff). So, of course, I got her a notebook to draw a picture for one book each night. She also writes the title following the capital and lower case and one finger space rules. So, it’s such a fabulously to practice writing and creativity. It’s also fun seeing the picture as it reflects on what she found appealing in the story. 
  • We have been using the Kinder app and iPhone Markup feature to make art  masterpieces. While I still carry a notepad and a ziplock of crayons,the digital versions are my saviors at stores and queues. Places where flipping out crayons is not an option.


  • The weekend will see us build a home for Peppa Pig family. The previous DIY dollhouse has become Barbie Dreamhouse. Sigh!  
  • We also made a bunch of birthday cards for friends and family. I am delighted that I no longer have to direct and the kiddo just wants me to be I her line of vision as she busily crafts away.

While these arts and crafts are nowhere close to some of the featured stuff on Pinterest or Google, I always like to share on this blog because this is the ‘opinions of a catty booklovibg couch potato’ blog! Also, these arts are a fun, I sneak in a bit of education and life’s lessons all the while making memories. More than enough value I think! 

Though if there are easy crafts that you think a Kindergartner would enjoy, feel free to share in the comments below. And it’s back to the craft table for now- Adios!


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