Chicago on Foot- Memorial Day weekend trip 

One of the things about travel is that it opens our eyes to our limitations and narrow focus.

I’ve written about exploring Chicago in the past and discovering hidden gems. This trip was no different.

Tucked away on both sides of the water bridge are circular discs that caught my eye as I pointed out the gorgeous views to the little one. (Almost a kindergartener, so maybe not so little). And then I realized that it displayed pictures of Chicago as in the olden days… beautiful black and white photos of the river, boats, shipping and so on.

I photographed it after sunset so it is actually conspicuous… though perhaps not so much in reality. It is overshadowed by the shining street lights and whizzing cars, the glittery night life, and the spectacle of the Magnificent Mile!

But lesson learned, pay attention, and let the vision and mind grow. 👍


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