Book Review: Customer Centricity

I recently finished the audiobook Customer Centricity by Peter Fader. This post is a review of the same.

Review Summary: This book was mostly good and a little disappointing for varying reasons.


  • I picked this book because I enjoyed the author Professor Fader’s MOOC on marketing immensely. The book is very interesting.
  • If you have been following this blog, you’ll know that I have been trying out audiobooks with mixed success. This audiobook is a great choice for those trying to make a dent in their reading lists while being hands free. 🙂 the audio version is well formatted with intonation and modulation to make it interesting for the said format. It is great both with regards to holding attention and being easy to follow. 
  • If you want to delve into customer centricity- the book is an excellent choice. It touches on many concepts like Customer Lifetime Value, allied concepts like product centricity and so on. All topics are explained well with examples and case studies and even a few easy to follow formulae. Definitely another plus for the audio version and content.


  • As mentioned earlier, I picked the book as I had enjoyed DrFader’s MOOC on Marketing. Clearly, my expectations were a Bit high
  • I had expected the same info packed practical content. This one is not. It is more theory and does not have too many concrete steps. So it will fall short of  how to judge those “Ideal” customers, what to do to acquire and keep them and so on. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall a good primer on customer centricity and allied concepts- but more theory and business ideas than actionable insights. 


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