Arlington Heights Library Visit

 We recently  visited the Arlington Heights library and enjoyed the reflection table. T giggled her heart out and enjoyed it immensely, I am looking for ideas to replicate the reflection/sensory table.

We also crafted the heart-wrap box that we had done for Valentines Day as well 
 Plus, we created the Kindness cards 
 to hang on the left side of this wall. 
The other side of the table and right side of the cards were for Forgiveness. We had to basically make/write cards to let go of hurt, anger, sadness. T chose not to do it. (Possibly to head over to the kiddie section and not so much due to emotional choice)

We headed to their new restaurant equipment  -pizza and juice setup 


 Complete with separate seating area. 

  The instructions were child friendly with pictures and words. Hence, suitable for learners of all ages.

The color on T’s arm is thankfully, not a tattoo but just the result of an art session.  
The kids used this as a menu too, which was very resourceful and creative.   
I am constantly amazed by the amount of hard work and thought that goes into making the kids section educational, fun and novel. Definitely the reason why we visit weekly.

Leave me comments about how you best use your library and other free resources. Happy Spring Break!


2 thoughts on “Arlington Heights Library Visit

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