Data and Analytics are trending buzzwords today. I should know, I am a freelancing one myself. One of the advantages of having a WordPress blog is that you get to view your site statistics in one place. What better way to kick off another year of blogging than learning from the performance of the past year?

So, today’s post is a review of 2017, a look at my year of blogging.

First and foremost, a look at the Top Pages and Posts:


This year my Book review posts did very well as did my post on ‘10 Ways to Read a book or more- before 2018‘. It helped that I had linked it on my Twitter bio and many flocked to accomplish their reading goals before the year ended.

Next most important aspect are Referrers:


As imagined, WordPress Reader ranked number one. Thank you dear readers for your confidence and time.

It also seems like Search Engines led readers to me. Which is interesting this year, as my biggest fan, my mom has bookmarked my blog. So, someone else is either searching for me or being misled to me. Either way, I am happy. So, if you are reading this article and have mistakenly landed here: Thank you for your time and patience. šŸ™‚

Another delightful inference is that my Twitter sharing techniques are successful. Since the end of last year, I have been promoting my blog posts on Twitter. Evidently, that gave me a lot of views. It was after a fellow blogger exclaimed, ‘Writing is 20%, promoting is 80%‘. While her publicizing proportions seem a little extreme to me, I am happy that my efforts on social media are paying off.

But the biggest surprise on this list was definitely #3 : Peggy Klaus’ site. I had written a review of her book after being recommended her bestseller. While she had graciously liked my tweet, it was startling to find that she had also linked the review on her site. Woo-hoo! I am delighted because I had admired her book and its evergreen content.

Now onto the metrics of blogging:

#1 – Comments:

Sadly, this year I have been very remiss on the engagement. While I posted pretty much regularly and indeed, had posts in queue to be scheduled, concentrating on the writing proved detrimental to engaging. Naturally, comments were very low. The impact was also personal- I missed commenting and also receiving comments. Lesson learned: will remedy in 2018.


#2 – Likes:

The number of Likes received also improved this year. But hoping to write better and shatter that 500 mark in this year.


#3 – Visitors:


I received almost 100 visitors. While not earth-shattering statistics, my humble blog is happy to be viewed and read. I am definitely targeting 1500 this year by improved writing and more promoting.

#4 – Views:

2500+ views is pretty neat for my blog as it never received so much attention previously. My blog and I are flattered. We also resolve to do better and more engaging in 2018.


So, did you review 2017? Any lessons learned or useful insights gained? Let me know in the comments below.