Winter Play Activity Book 

Winter vacation has begun for T today and as soon as the clock struck 9, I wondered  how best to keep her engaged.

Enter the Choice Activity book. T loves coloring. So , we both colored on these little pages from a Dollar tree notepad. While she made her favorite items, I drew thirty activities with her playthings that she could choose from. A la restaurant menu. 

It was fun for her and me because I had to rack my brains for the last five. Plus, it had to be reasonably identifiable.

 Front page: that can also be colored 
Activities to choose from:  
 Mix of creative, imaginative and physical activities : 


Includes only existing toys: the “mousetrap” is a fun boards game by Elefun and Friends and not a rodent exterminator tool!   

Activities include educational and development items:  
 Point was to give a choice and have fun too: 
I hope to have T color/ check off each item in these holidays. The advantages of this little booklet are:

  • I have a list of activities and don’t need to rack my brains for ideas
  • It serves as a fun list for T to choose and follow instead of feeling bored and indecisive.
  • It can be colored and is small enough to carry around.
  • It is easy to add to if we do come up with other items we want to add
  • I hope to share the resuls (success and Lessons) in the new Year, which means more materials for blog posts

How are you planning to spend the Christmas vacations? Share your thoughts and tactics in the comments below.


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