Over the weekend, T and I attacked a long outstanding craft project of ours- Dollhouse Furniture. Using our imagination and repurposing existing odds and ends, we spent the whole weekend engrossed and amused.


T has been demanding a doll house for a long time now. We tried making one a few times with boxes, but they sadly fell apart. Plus, we were always flummoxed as to where to place it.

This past weekend, we cleared out two shelves in our storage-cum-toy room to serve as our dollhouse for the Peppa family. A simple box made the children’s room and acted as a partition for the Master Bedroom. Our Peppa Family dolls came with a kitchen cut-out. This provided the open plan kitchen. T taped a  tree cut out and placed our Little People Tree set to make the perfect garden with pool and a Muddy Puddle. Hurrah!

We then turned our attention to the furniture. As a four year old who has often stared mesmerized at miniature homes in our library and doctor’s clinic, T had a clear vision of how her dollhouse should look. It also didn’t help that our elephantine-memory-posessesing kiddo is pumped up with advertisements (sans the Skip Ad feature) of Barbie play sets and Peppa Houses and Shimmer&Shine castles and the likes. She definitely knows the items she needed in her dollhouse. 

This library dollhouse’s decor changes with seasons too!
But, this Momma has more than one trick up my sleeve. Thanks to parent blogs, magazines and Google searches, I knew we could whip up furniture with objects lying around the house. All we had to do was to quote the lovable purple Dinosaur Barney: use our imagination!

I found the answer in my pantry- empty cereal boxes. 

Sturdy enough to use, easy enough for the preschooler to cut and color and simple to  craft, we spent most of our weekend making memories and surprisingly, not much of a mess. 

The above picture does not look like much. True, no one would put it on Pinterest. But it is a legit dinner table with four chairs that push under the table surface. It holds the Peppa family without collapsing and you can color on it. Or add a table cloth and fabrics to make it fancy. The two shelves at the corners, the upright cupboard and the TV-style shelving unit are inspired by IKEA bookcases that you can place upright or on their sides. We plan to make little bric-a-bracs during Thanksgiving holidays to complete the homes with Playdoh, old magazines and Shopkins toys. (*For instructions on how we made them, scroll to the bottom of this post.) 

Final Version as of this week: (we plan to fill the dinner table with more Playdoh pretend food dishes)  

The biggest two benefits of our little enterprise were: time and teaching. These crafts take long enough to make memories together but lesser than would be frustrating (for parent and child). Second, it teaches recycling and applying our minds to build stuff. All we needed were scissors, tape, the cereal box and our creative mind.

Closet made with Cereal Box
Closet made with Cereal Box

Especially in light of the fact that we were cooped indoors owing to windy storms and Hubs working on the weekend, this dollhouse project was a fantastic way to spend our Saturday and Sunday. When you factor in the cost ($0.00) and the time (hours of fun and barely any cleanup later), it is really was awesome. 

Do share your tips and thoughts on DIY dollhouse furniture in the comments below. Until the next post, adieu! Stay warm, stay safe.


We are halfway done with a feast for Thanksgiving. Our dollhouse also came handy to host a lovely birthday party for Peppa Pig. Hurrah for hours of fun. 👏


playdoh feast
Feast has cake, rotis, palak paneer, cookies, pastries, and chocolate chunk.

(In the background are more oversized cookies/ parathas and a playdoh muffin tray. Yes, our furniture held up all the items.)
playdoh snacks
Snacks: veggie straws, samosas and chutney platter with Playdoh

* Dinner table:

Flatten the cereal box by carefully opening the ends. Mark straight lines parallel to the ends, about three inches from both ends. Cut off. You get an a shape like the cover of a matchstick box. This is your table. The chairs fit under the open edges. You may color or decorate as you like or simply make a table cloth. 

Chairs: cut a large thin rectangle. Width as much as you want in the chair. Simply fold to form a “P” shape and tape the ends to make a chair. Again, color and decorate as per your preferences. 

Shelf: just use the leftover ends from the box used to make the table or use a new box. Cut off two inches from the end. Take a long rectangular piece and fold to make a digital “C” shape. Tape this to make the shelf partitions. Use as many as needed based on how many shelves you want. Stand upright or on its edge as per utility. Decorate as required.

For the large closet. Simply cut a larger length as for the closet. And cut open one of the sides a little to form doors or simply cut open the entire front. Just ensure that the partitions are bolstered if keeping doors and that the door frames and walls of shelves do not coincide; as they can tear off. We made an open closet as seen in picture above Instructions.