This week’s post is a review of Gretchen Rubin’s recent book “The Four Tendencies“.

Primarily an analysis of personality types, the author of “The Happiness Project” shares insights into how our tendencies shape our habits and behavior. With anecdotes and examples, she shares how understanding tendencies: ours and others’ can help us interact better, playing to our unique strengths and weaknesses and even make lasting change.

 The Four Tendencies as classified by the writer are: Upholder, Obliger, Rebel and Questioner. The segments have been created after analyzing responses to the related quiz taken by a million folks  and is available for free online. You will have to share an email address to access the detailed reports though.

The book first reveals the common characteristics of each tendency. Then, the bestselling writer shares strategies to deal with persons who possess this tendency: parent, spouse, child, patient or co-worker. The book  then moves on to  the lay out how different Tendencies interact and the good and bad of these pairings. It finally concludes with a short chapter on how to apply this knowledge and how to better ourselves and others too.

I enjoyed the book and agreed with most of what was stated for my tendency: Obliger. I also found it fun to visualize at least one person who would fit each of the other categories. While I am yet to try the techniques to persuade others, I feel it will work, even if not always. In fact, Gretchen Rubin herself stated that Tendencies are just a facet of our complex selves, so, context and perspective are important. This is especially underlined with the examples of pairings and career choices. What works in one situation ruins the other due to other factors at play.
I loved the easy flow and segmented approach of the book. It made it simple to  digest and enjoy. I am eager to recommend this book to others and can’t wait to use the tips.

Have you read the book? What were your thoughts?  How did you find it? What is your tendency? Comment in the section below.