Apple Holler Farms Again

Last year, we had great fun doing Apple Picking over at Apple Holler Farms. This year, we decided to repeat the experience. Who knows, it could well become a Fall tradition for us! 

Today’s post is hence a photo post about our wonderful time picking and eating apples and all the fun we had over the weekend.

 Splendid weather bade loads of fun for us: 
Apple lined rows were fun to trudge along: 
Just looking at all those delicious apples made us hungry. Since tasting is free and unlimited, we let ourselves go! 
This truck might not look like much but it was fun to ride as were the wagons. Sorry about the picture, I did not want to include our fellow travelers. (Tip: watch out for rolling apples over the bumps) 
Roosters and chickens, no idea which (spoken like a true city slicker): 
T and I love that we saw a goat atop the bridge this time too: 

   We enjoyed the corn maze. It was a bit confusing but so fragrant:

This was a good place to burst into  rhymes:

We tiptoed past the Giant to the beanstalk slide this year too.   
   And met Jack and the Giant’s wife too:  

I love that the staircase looks like a castle or fort:  
T enjoyed on bales of hay with their little tunnels and slides (other side): 

 And of course this quaint little colorful train:

 There are other fun spots for kids to get dirty (and tired!): go in here… 
 … come out here:  

Or try this one:

  We really had an amazing time and judging by the eager faces around us, so did the other patrons. 

About an hour’s drive from our Chicago suburb, this fun Farm in Wisconsin is also close (about 15minutes) to the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlet Mall in Kenosha, where we headed next for some shopping, browsing and a Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate. In all, we had a great day and we made lovely memories. Delightful Farm, delicious apples, splendid weather, being outdoor and some exercise thrown in- it was a blast! 

Did anyone else pick apples this Fall? Let me know where you went and what was your favorite part. Now off to munch on an apple-dominated fruit salad! 😎


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