Milwaukee Trip

Last weekend, we got together with close friends who stay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It follows then yours truly will commemorate the occasion with a phot post.

Let me begin with the view that greeted us from our friend’s apartment:  
 We headed like every tourist to Lake Geneva. But our first stop was not that gorgeous body of fresh water! It was a store named Kilwins! 
And while this picture might make it seem like a zoo, it’s not. The inmates might act like a bear Rudely awakened out of hibernation  if you jump queues though. You would be wise to expect as much in a dessert store.  
After our culinary satisfaction, we headed for the sights:  
Since, we friends had spent the good part of the day talking  up a storm, we could not go for boating or any lake adventures. Hence, we chose a healthy walk along Mansion Trail. The fabulous homes on one side might inspire awe or jealousy, so I’m sticking to the natural beauty here: 
  It was mesmerizing to view the lake glisten and shine based on cloud and tree cover.

  We walked over this cute bridge where I tried to snap a pic of our little group. Withnot much success as you only see six feet here. There were supposed to be twelve. 

 Thanks to little T and this blog, I try to soak up as many sights and scenes as I can to reproduce in this space. Imagine my delight when I captured this majestic play of gold: 
  Everything has to come to an end. When we turned back, we landed at the Riviera: a bustling point with a splendid fountain. Below is a picture where I tried to eliminate as many people and faces as possible. The little cherub on the side was too cute, far sweeter than the angel sculpture atop the fountain. So, my iPhone just could not keep it out of the frame. (Despite shooting in Square Mode). Sorry Random People who stayed in the frame. 
  Our stay was not all about visiting places. We all raced along our friends’ apartment complex lawns. Thanksfully, the geese were by the lake. No animals were injured.


I also captured a shot of my shoes. For the human element. Following my kiddo’s admonishing , I was careful not to  shoot dog poop in my quest for grass, dew and feet.
  As can be imagined, we also stuffed our faces silly. With a sumptuous authentic Konkani (region in Western Indian coast) spread, it was hard to keep the hands and one little nose from ruining my perfect shot of this picture. Confession: my friend (the toes in pic) acted as ace photographer while I shooed determined hands away. 


Ours was a jolly, fun filled, trip over the long weekend. The best kind of weekend for families, naps and meals on time, play and good company, enjoyable sight seeing, great conversations and a few treats! How did you spend the weekend?

Let me know your thoughts and comments! Stay happy, stay warm!


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