Stats & Insights

In todays’ post, I thought it would be fun to compare what my blog stats for 2017 and the month of August. I love seeing the metrics (thank you readers for all the love, likes and comments) on my dashboard and the insights I can glean [or make up! :P].

My all time Views:

Views & Statistics

An important point that I noted right away is that my blog garners a lot more interest in three important occasions:

Start of the Year:

My Resolutions, posts about Winter Adventures, Christmas time and  New Year activities seem to bump up my views.

Summer Vacation:

What with summer holidays and me going into creative overdrive to make up for lack of school (aka entertainment), I get a lot of blog fodder ; shooting my stats high! I also suspect that my professor mom has holidays that overlap which does a lot to improve my statistics!


Holidays, activities, celebrations: a wonderful recipe for bolstering those page views and stats.

Aug 2017 Views

My visitors were from these countries  for August. But for this year, my visitors arrived from:

2017 Posts

I see how my parents and grandparents are practically dominating my statistics! Thank you for being such lovely dears!

2017 Posts

It is interesting how most of the popular posts  for 2017 are all about my travel adventures. Definitely, the photos and perspective of family outings helped. Thank you my dear iPhone!

August 2017 Posts

Surprisingly, my top posts for the month of August were related to Books. That means my tagline is working! Of course, the real reason is probably that I love books, and hence, my enthusiasm carried forth in my posts as well. But, good to see that the book reviews segment is doing well too!

On that note, I suppose I should link my reading lists. It will be interesting to watch what  conversations that might spark!

Do you check your metrics? What insights or fun facts do they reveal? How do use them?

Share your thoughts and experiences!

As ever, take care and have a great week ahead! For those folks in the weather affected areas, stay safe!





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