Toothbrush: Motherhood, Decisions, Diet, Science and More!

This post is a response to the prompt on Daily Prompt: Toothbrush

Since I love posting in lists, here are my thoughts in orderly fashion, though, not in any order of importance:

  • My toothbrush is blue. I don’t really have any preference as regards color.
  • Dearest Daughter has plenty of preferences though. It has to be her favorite Princess of the time. Right now, it’s Ariel the Mermaid, though I have Rapunzel for backup. She also only requires the Sparkly Crest brand for toothpaste. [Being dentist recommended with fluoride and anti-cavity ingredients and inviting enough to cause the kid to brush on her own, I can afford to be indulgent. 😛 ]
  • I always have a couple of old ones on hand. So handy to clean around faucets and narrow corners.
  • Have you tried cleaning jewelry with a toothbrush and a tiny amount of toothpaste? I use the technique for my engagement ring and it’s still brand new. [despite the demands of motherhood and many a kneaded dough]
  • Is it just me or does the array of toothbrush options seem bewilderingly large? Bristles alone have so much variety- straight, slanted, hybrid, color-changing, sinusoidal, the list goes on. I had to go to college, specifically, recruitment season, to understand that yes, companies do recruit engineers and science graduates to design that perfect brush. I was awed until I realized that diapers take even more thinking and research. 😀
  • On a related note, I buy toothbrushes from Costco. That means in wholesale. Yup, I do change my brush frequently. The habit is a remainder from my late childhood and teenage years that were almost entirely spent with braces and visits to the orthodontist.
  • Naturally, it follows that I do know the ‘correct brushing technique’.
  • I also have to admit that all the technology in the world as pertaining to your dental hygiene devices and expert brushing techniques are no match for bad dietary habits and vulnerability to temptation.
  • Flossing is good. Again, not a counter measure to dessert or diet disasters. It can minimize but never eliminate.
  • As we are still on the topic of preferences (and this is my blog, so, I can share what I like), I only buy toothbrushes with in-built tongue cleaners. Not only because a clean tongue means better sense of taste and improved digestion; but also since the alternative [flat bottom surface] is a sure shot way to hurt your mouth. Plus, it feels like a classier choice. 🙂

I did not think I would have so many things to say about a topic as commonplace a s a toothbrush but this list has exceeded my expectations. I can safely assume that it is all because of this blog [see tag line for enlightenment] and parenting a preschooler :all those lengthy explanations and excuses have honed my creativity.

What do you think when you glance at a toothbrush? Share your thoughts in the comments below, would love to know what views this topic inspire in others.


4 thoughts on “Toothbrush: Motherhood, Decisions, Diet, Science and More!

  1. Behna! How I wish I had ur braces wala picture. With it I would post ur now wala picture .. not to tease u… but to confirm the fact dentists & a correct brushing technique can do wonders…. kudos for the cute write up!!!😚


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