Motherhood- the rosy parts!

Motherhood is TOUGH! No denying or glossing over that. But the cuddles, giggles and awww! moments make it worth it!!! … until the next meltdown, tantrum, body ejection projectile…! 😜

motherhood  meme
Motherhood… mostly!
In today’s post, I thought I’d share the marvelous moments of childhood, the surprising benefits that get lost in the humdrum and uphill tasks of parenting.


Building & Perfecting! No need to get it right the first time!
Pretend Play- who does not want an alternate utopian reality?
Rediscovering little joys and nature- certainly amazing for a city brat like me!
General Goofiness
Living in the moment & of course, being an expert a la Daddy Pig!
Vacations and trips
Vacations and trips
Desserts: for kiddos, we just eat it for safety and model behavior
We all want to be Princesses and Kings! So, join the fun!


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