This week’s post is a response to an old Daily Post Prompt. It asks us to digitize or transcribe an old analog piece of our choice.

I would  like to transcribe an old poster that I had taped to my study cabinet for inspiration.

You had what it took

Embraced the Challenge

Showed them how to do it!

The words themselves are not original but they always motivate me.

Another cause for its inspiration was that it was a hand made poster. I had created it all by myself. Having noted the words on a school pin up board, I had painstakingly and lovingly made it all by myself. It had taken me half a day to decide the layout and colors and another half a day to make it.

Discovering it during my last visit to India, I was a bit taken aback by how many colors I had added to the simple text. But also, a bit impressed that I had not abandoned my love for all things bright, colorful and bold. With age, wisdom [hopefully], responsibilities, a family of my own, more awareness of social expectations and etiquette and a host of other reasons- the almost psychedelic color schema might have been toned down but not the motivation.

I also hold this poster dear as I never was one to maintain a diary. Instead I collected happy pictures, inspiring phrases, cute stickers that I stuck to old filled-up, useless diaries. . I feel old, nay ancient, saying this, but I did that before ‘vision boards’ was a phrase and Pinterest a reality. So, this was a fond reminder of those ambitions and childish hobbies of mine. I still maintain a ‘Sugar Jar’ of keepsakes and souvenirs and know that it all started with those posters and collections.

In a world slowly getting completely digitized with everything happening online,  analog items are invaluable. They remind us of so many things: about the importance of embracing real life and not just the virtual;  of recalibrating our priorities, of looking back and learning [latest self: good job on the new color palette and fashion choices!], of appreciating the new and improved facilities, and so much more!

What’s your take on the old and forgotten; analog or timeless? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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