Enjoy the Ride

I had been posting a lot lately about our road trip to Florida, Disney, and Delaware.

In this post, I’d like to share a few pictures of the our trip itself . These gorgeous views made me thankful for lessons from motherhood : namely, living in the present, soaking up the sights, enjoying my surroundings.

I will be honest. Our road journey was not all sunny and delightful: weather wise or  otherwise.

Windy yet wonderful


Stormy weather seemed to be accompanying us

Storms, traffic, a preschooler who focused all her tantrums and idiosyncrasies on food, and sweltering heat rarely make for happy travel times.

But, we also had amazing moments like picturesque views, splendid rest areas, giggling preschooler (food battles aside), romantic weather (after the storm) and delicious food and snacks!

Even the clouds cooperates! Plus, they made for great guessing games for T


Gorgeous weather even though it looked like a tornado


Delightful rest area in NC

Our hotel stays (mostly) and AirBnB house proved to be marvellous as well.

Gorgeous vacation home in Florida booked through AirBnB

Yes, the journey IS just as important as the destinations; especially relishing it.

On that positive note, it’s Adieu for the week. Have a gorgeous weekend ahead!


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