Longwood Gardens- Floral Delight

During our latest three week long vacation, we spent yet another delightful evening in Longwood Gardens, Delaware. As in our previous visits, we were enchanted by the gorgeous blooms, floral arrangements and recently updated Dancing fountains.

This post contains photos from our memorable visit:

 One of the first sights to greet visitors are the lush, unobstructed view of the fountains: 
  Lavishness of the place: 
  Called the Chimes garden: this looks more like a home to one of Disney’s Princesses: 
  T and I are certain this can pass of as Mermaid’s Lagoon from Peter Pan: 
  Along the path to the fountains were fragrant lavender plants: 

These solid, muted hued, imposing pillars make a great setting for the delicate brilliantly colored flora in the glasshouses- Strength and delicacy, muted and striking colors making a stunning contrast yet coming together beautifully! 

 Loved this potted fountain:

  These spiny trees were fascinating and look quite Jurassic! As can be gleaned, dinosaurs and Princesses are T and my favorites😀

  This bonsai looked more like a tiered cake than flower. It was lovely.
  These plants signify years of effort and love: 
  The entrance to the Rose garden is just like the one from Beauty and the Beast- at least how I imagined it as a child. So, I was enthralled to capture my perfect shot. 
  I know I have princesses on my mind. But does this setting not seem befitting for a grand royal ball?  
  This garden is a hit with the kids due to the shapes the plants have been trimmed to: 
  These statues at the entrance are intriguing for the adults: 

  This is another section of the greenhouse. These marble floors, my twin- a Delaware resident and Longwood Garden member- informed me: are usually the platform for gorgeous displays on important occasions. Every arrangement is different whether a lantern night or Christmas celebration. I am so amazed by these sights itself, that I am certain that those would be a visual feast. (My bucket list just grew) 
 The elements of nature in balance:


When in Delaware, do visit these mesmerizing gardens. They are simply too amazing to articulate! And if you have, share your favorite section in the comments below.

Have a great week ahead!


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