Blogger or Writer? Both! 

Does this picture seem familiar?

 Wordpress  Editor 
The start of every post on WordPress- this powerful phrase: “Start your story” compels me to write; along with the confidence that YOU, my readers and fellow bloggers inspire in me. 

Blogging and motherhood have both made me face many fears and challenges head on. While not always successful, I have learned plenty from the experiences. With the confidence of my tiny triumphs, I finally took the plunge and published a debut novel. 

I won’t brag- it took me a long time to complete. I began with the enthusiasm of NaNoWriMo session of 2015, finishing in 2016. Several edits and rejections later; the book is finally published!!! Hooray!

Delight of seeing one's name on a book!

 Check out the links:

Amazon & Amazon India

I have to say, most of the credit goes to YOU, my fellow bloggers, for giving me the confidence to write, keeping me accountable to my blogging, and for honing my craft with your thoughtful comments and suggestions. 

My book is only through the second of phase of a book: writings and publishing. I still need go through the Herculean task of marketing it : another adventurous learning experience that I am excitedly embarking on. I am delighted because this journey will be more fodder for this blog! 

Also, I wanted to share the thought: if I can do it- So, can you!!! Go ahead and share your story with the world! Maybe you have just a glimmer of a story or maybe your full manuscript is ready… well, show it off! You can do it!!!

If you are already published, do share your tips. Would love to get your expert recommendations! If not, are you also going through similar fears and anxieties? Share your experience in the comments below!

As always, stay Happy, stay Healthy!

P.S.: Sharing the first tip that I learnt about marketing. 

#1 Make book available at multiple places. Accordingly, my book can be found at:

Blue Rose Store : The publishers who published my book.





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  1. A book laced with sardonic humour!
    A very entertaining book, well – worth reading.
    A good book to carry with you for your daily commute or vacation or waiting time at the dentist / gynaecologist, …. anywhere!


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