Botanical Gardens of Chicago

This post is a gallery of photos from our visit to the Botanical Gardens last week. With spring in full swing and temperatures rising slowly, it’s the perfect time to enjoy nature and beauty! 

Here are some memorable photos:

 A welcoming Entrance: 

Scenic views as we enter: 

Gorgeous Tulips in full bloom: 

Sculpture of man plucking flower carved entirely from wood: 

Gushing waterfall that was picture perfect:  

A Japanese dwelling: recreated to show zen of surrounding:

 The view from the hut was truly inspiring and calming:
  View of the hut from across the pond:  

Beautiful Bonsai:

  Cactus blooms in the green houses:

  Vast acres of greenery with quaint bells that gong every hour:

  Great weather, glorious views- life is good! 
The entire place is vast, magnificent and awe inspiring. While we could not cover the entire space, we did enjoy the portions we were really looking forward too! Definitely bring along water  and don good walking shoes to make the most of this marvellous attraction! 

Do let me know if you’ve been there or to a similar place and share in the comments what you found most striking or enjoyable! Enjoy the weekend! 


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