Springfield Trip- 2

In today’s post, I’d like to share few more photos of our enjoyable trip to Springfield, Illinois.

Lincoln’s statuesque home- now a National Historic Site.


Capitol: we could not enter owing to the holiday. But the building itself was imposing and gorgeous.


T was fascinated by the water fountains:


Grand, splendid architectural specimens: 


This bell I found interesting. I don’t know its significance but it looked like the Liberty bell of Philadelphia. If anyone reading this knows the history of this bell, do leave me a note or link in the comments.


Downtown Springfield:


  Old State Capitol:

This too was a magnificent structure in stone that was grander on the inside.

Just look at these staircases:


Wooden cabinets and mirrors- they look so artistic and poetic even:

  As ever, T and I were engrossed by the huge clock:

  Council Seating: I may be romantic, but the room evoked images of historic debates, council sessions and rulings.

This scene shows the Lincoln family and a little pedestrian waving at them. Right in the middle of the town, we had a blast clicking photos in this popular spot.  

Just writing the post is bringing up so many fun memories of that short and sweet trip. Have you been to Springfield before? What places were your favorite? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Have a great weekend ahead! Stay warm, (cold here in Chicago suburbs!) stay healthy! 


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