What Motherhood Taught Me: the not-really-useful List

This post is about the surprising things I learnt along this unpredictable journey of motherhood. I find it amusing and astonishing to discover my boundless capacity for learning and knowing so much trivia. What is even more fascinating is that there are more than two sources to teach each of these on the Internet.

  • Dinosaurs :

I can name at least ten types of dinosaurs and draw five. There are step wise tutorials to teach this on google.

  • Rhyme Time:

Anyone who has taken care of a toddler for more than six hours in North America automatically learns the Insy Spider and Finger Family song. Several single friends of mine have successfully used it as icebreakers and networking scripts to ‘connect’ with peers with kids. Try it, if you hear it… you can’t help but join in… it’s like one person yawning in a room… everyone else has to follow!

  • Selective Hearing:

While kids barely hear anything parents say, they always “hear” the sound of dessert being opened or parents sneaking into the bathroom. Work every time!

  • Acrobatics:

Babies and toddlers finding it funny when older kids jump! I can’t understand the logic but they do!

  • Eureka Moments:

You know how all parents say, “You’ll know/ understand when you’re a parent!” Well, now I do! And I’m waiting for T to turn ten when I can start saying it to her… audibly!

What are some surprising things you learnt from motherhood? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Spring!


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