Hues, Blues, Spring and Childhood

Inspired by the Weekly Challenge over at the Daily Post, I decided to do a post about colors. March is the season of Spring and for Indians, synonymous with the festival of Colors or Holi. While our family did not indulge in the festivities, I decided to dedicate this post to the rainbow of my life- my angel T! (Sleeping as I write this! So, definitely true! 😜)


child in purple dress
Confident and Assertive- no shrinking Violet
child in indigo - blue mermaid dress
Not very Indigo, but very Indignant
smiling child in blue dress
Her Smile can drive away all those Blues!
child in green dress
Abundant green just like her love
child in yellow dress
Little Miss Sonshine
 child in pumpkin dress  
child in red dress
Red Alert! Treat Overload?

While dressing up my child is no easy task, the results usually soothe me! How awesome is it that no color is inappropriate or unsuitable for kids! I think colors simply shine in the light of their innocence and cuteness!

Here, we go with my dressed up (with great difficulty and not few bribes) gal:


child in angel dress
My Indian Angel
child in pink dress
Pretty in Pink
child in yellow-green dress
In auspicious Yellow and Green- our Good Luck personified
child in blue denims
In her Favorite Blue
collage of blue outfit
Blue Blue Blue

T’s fav color is blue. As can be inferred from the above picture. And in no small part because it happens to be her father’s and George Pig’s (Peppa Pig’ brother) and her best friend/nemesis ‘s (depending on how the day went) favorite color.  He he he! 

But coming back to the topic that spurred this post: Spring and Green. 

“Spring is the season that can’t make up it’s mind.”- Morning Mashup Radio Jockeys

I heard the above quote on the radio this week. I have to agree. In Chicago, it rains, blows, snows, burns during the season- so, the description is apt! And children, or at least my precious bundle, as I am still learning, is like Spring in Chicago! Unpredictable, unexpected, and always holding the promise of more awesomeness to come! 

Happy Spring folks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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