Writing is a difficult activity for preschoolers. Throw in their preference for games and pretend play and wavering attention; sitting down and writing becomes a daunting task for kids and parents.

T has learnt writing the alphabets at preschool. God bless her teachers; because she simply was not ready or willing with me. But now that she has grasped writing, it is important to keep practising. Unfortunately, T gets bored easily and hence, I have to think of innovative ways to get her to practise.

Here are some ways that worked for us. Please do share any tips and techniques that worked for you:

  • Markers:

Bribes, I mean, incentives are always effective. T loves markers and we got her new Crayola markers (fine tip) to practice her alphabets. She loves to ‘do office work’ or ‘important work’ as she claims and write in her notebooks.

  • Hungry Robot

Crafts are fun and serve as a tool for plenty of learning. I recently used T’s love for cutting to foster practising alphabets. I simply take an empty page and draw vertical and horizontal lines until the page is full of little squares. Then T will write her alphabets. Once done (does take time); she will cut along the lines to get the alphabet crackers. We then feed our hungry robot with a lot of gusto and sound effects and admonishing (by T as I have to be the voice of the robot).

Hungry Alphabet Robot
Hungry Alphabet Robot – made from a cereal box
  • Painting

T will often claim she is writing a book or painting. (Like the framed quotes). So, we write the alphabets within a large frame like rectangle. Once she finishes her work, we again cut it out and hang it like a photo frame. It does work as a great motivator, since she can see it and also show friends and family who come over.

  • Cursive Book

This is a great resource. We have this book (from India ) on which preschoolers practising their letters. Each letter has a dedicated page along with a fun object whose sketch contains the letter itself. It also has a few other exercises like matching words with spellings and so on.

So, how do you get your preschooler to keep practising writing?


Share your thoughts and comments here.

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