Text Me! Snap Me! Ask Me Anything! – Kevin Kruse : Book Review

Earlier this year, I got a chance to read Kevin Kruse‘s latest book entitled: Text Me! Snap Me! Ask Me Anything!: How Entrepreneurs, Consultants And Artists Can Use The Power Of Intimate Attention To Build Their Brand, Grow Their Business And Change The World .

I found the book a splendid read with plenty of great techniques for personal branding. I do follow the Kevin- the author, on Twitter and via his newsletter. Based on this experience, I was predisposed to think that his new book would be extremely useful. I am happy to report that I was right! 🙂

The book is full of anecdotes, examples and strategies to build and develop one’s personal brand. In a world fast moving towards ‘riches in niches’, having a USP has become imperative in all fields. Enter personal branding with this book as a helpful guide.

The concepts of ‘Loyal 100’ , ‘Power of Intimate Attention’ were eye openers. Each chapter carries an important technique with a little summary at the end. I also enjoyed the case studies – they give real world context to the theories. Besides, I enjoy self-help books that carry little stories/ anecdotes.

I have to mention, that I got an advance copy of the book in return for an honest review. (Yayyyy!) My unvarnished, public review is available on Amazon; I liked it and that is what I  have written. I have also reproduced it here, for a quicker read. Plus, I don’t want to share you, dear reader with Amazon, just yet! 🙂

Review on Amazon:

Excellent! A practical guide!

Freelancers, Small business owners, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Thought leaders – this book is a useful guide for anyone who wants to grow an ‘active audience’. Kevin Kruse explains in simple terms and handy techniques how to create a loyal fan base who will actually respond to ‘calls for action’. Using the concept of ‘power of intimate attention’ – this book shows how to build and engage with one’s audience and not just obsess over growing subscriber metrics.

Real life examples, interviews and personal strategies included make the book easy to absorb and handy to implement. (Kevin truly does engage with his fans! Even not-at-all-famous-fans-like-me) This has techniques that can be applied to any media and channels.

A terrific guide and a great read! In fact, I use the word guide specifically because you must use it and not just read!


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