I love reading posts on the Daily Post at WordPress. They carry a huge treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. My thoughts just poured looking at today’s prompt- so, here goes:


  • T will always be my Baby. No matter what!
  • I miss that T’s baby face is well and truly gone. She lost her babyishness when she turned three, but it would make appearances at rare occasions. But after her fourth birthday, she has turned into a little girl! No longer a baby! 😦
  • Baby is also the name of a Bollywood movie starring Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher. Apart from being very good actors, I enjoyed their combination in the movie Special 26. So, I am keen to watch this too! Hopefully, that time shall come soon!
  • What’s a post about Babies without a photo of my little angel?


One of my fav pictures of T!

  • I remember a middle aged nurse sharing the adage ‘once a rocking mom, always a rocking mom’! She had spotted me soothing a colicky T and confessed that she had been one! And still was! The reason I mention this fact, is that I was cooing at a friend’s three month old this week. The li’l fellow apparently liked and needs to be rocked. Now, guess who was swaying and rocking without realizing? NO points for figuring the answer- ME! It  was then, that the wise old lady’s phrase flashed in my mind!

Side note: that nurse was a grandma and she still slipped into the rocking mode. Hence, I suspect, all those days of rocking your newborn just ingrains the habit. I know my mom still goes into the “rock-a-bye-baby mode”; the minute she feels a colicky or fussy infant in her arms.

  • I love Baby Commercials! They might be cheesy, but in a world broadcasting mostly misery and violence, these cutesy videos feel symbolic to me. That we are all inherently good people with the ability to be nice and caring. Our experiences make us otherwise. So, why not do good, be nice and share a little love? Just like babies giggle and coo and spread love and happiness!


As ever, have a blessed weekend! Stay warm, stay healthy, stay happy!