Habitats, Hopeful Teaching & Mommy Realities

Reinforcing T’s education and keeping her engaged, especially in imaginative activities is a major responsibility of mine. (Like every parent and caregiver on the planet).So, I am always eager to learn about fun activities that other parents/ teachers/ bloggers are doing. My sources are friends, T’s teachers, this awesome blogger at Montessori Life [ she shares many great ideas] and of course children’s books.

All these sources are helping as I practically used every idea I have heard about in this past week alone. Since T was home due to a nasty cold all week, we spent our days trying to do novel activities that would keep her busy and quiet. Not an easy task – considering she is so active and talkative (like her dad and mom respectively): but all these ideas really helped.

This week’s post is all about our game of matching animals and habitats. Fun, science, matching, association were lessons learnt. Unintentionally. To be honest, I did the activity simply to while time in a happy game.

I would like to say that I set up things and carefully taught T and all the idyllic stuff that society expects. But reality is that T and I  spent a good half hour giggling and emptying out the bag of animal friends over and over again. Then I carelessly placed the ‘scene props'(before our attention got diverted ). All the animals ‘wondered’ one by one (with exaggerated drama) which set would be their home. A la ‘Are you My Mother’ and ‘where is Gola’s Home’ and many other books. Hilarious, fun, (a little educational) and kept the eloquent angel relatively quiet.

Habitat and Matching
Habitat and Matching: Silly but Effective

We did finish with a reading session of our Animal World book: a gift from Grandma; and our IFAW animal calendar :courtesy T’s school. (Hehe! yes, we need to read Calendars: because reality!)

I have to say that I still harbor hopes of teaching T in more structured and serious ways- but definitely only after a few years. Perhaps when yours truly has mastered a lot more patience and My little precious has become a bit more attentive!

Until then, it’s Hello Humor and Hopeful teaching! Have a jolly week ahead!


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