5 Years of Blogging on WordPress!!

5 years Badge from WordPress
Badges & Accomplishments! One more reason to love WordPress!

This notification from WordPress brightened my day! Has it really been 5 years?

Amusing to note that my first thought was that my blog is a whole year older than T! 🙂

Five years of Wordy Adventures and Catty opinions from this Couch Potato turned Preschooler-Chaser! That definitely calls for a big shout out to all the folks who helped me blog!

First and foremost, credit goes to all the wonderful people who follow me [Especially my Mom! 🙂 ] – your views, Likes and Comments mean the world to me!

Second, I would like to express my appreciation and admiration to the thriving community of bloggers on WordPress. Charm, wit, honesty, courage, frankness, support, all laced with grace and cheer of my fellow bloggers- is what keeps me active on this platform as also the chance to discover wonderful blogs and read fascinating perspectives!

I would also like to thank the wonderful team of WordPress, who make it so easy to blog, discuss, get inspired and stay motivated (Badges! Badges! Badges!)!

On that happy note, have a great week ahead! And as ever, Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!




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