2016 Blogging Review

This week’s post is a review of my review of blogging in 2016. After careful scrutiny and studying the insights provided by WordPress’ awesome dashboard; here is what I learnt!

  • My About Me is my top performing page. To be honest, the most viewed one IS my Home Page, but as per unique views, About Me trumps the rest. I am delighted because it means taking the time to reflect on myself and my writing habits is paying off!!


An unlikely spot, an amazing experience, an honest account: 2016’s winning combination


It’s official! My fellow bloggers share my love of Nature, Travel and Adventure!


Heart Image of Books -courtesy https://ambersparks.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/book-heart.jpg
Book Reviews: My choice medium to spout Catty/ Honest Opinions
  • I was also overjoyed when the author of the book I reviewed [Einstein Prophecy] commented on my post! Yahoo! And while this was a 2015 post, it did boost my traffic this year!
  • Posts I wrote in response to the prompts at the Daily Post also garnered a lot of attention. Or and Journey for quite a few views and comments. Yippee!!
  • There were also a very interesting fact that I learned. It was something that I suspected: but now I have proof! That my Mom and grandparents follow this blog very keenly! They were my top commenters and spiked up my traffic so much that country-wise, India leads the charts on every aspect. Visitors, Commenters, Views, Days, Months, Years- you name it: India was perched there at the top. While I am happy and flattered, I am also well aware that they just read the blog to get more pics of T’s antics (even though I send daily pics on WhatsApp!)!  And my mom, to check if I am complaining about her darling granddaughter! 😦 Nevertheless, it is awesome to have people who love you so much, they put up with your mediocre writing and amateur photos and still proclaim publicly that it is wonderful! Thanks, you folks!


YOU!- my reader are my Shining Light!
  • Most of my clicks came from people who Follow this Blog! I really want to thank you all so much. Your views, comments and likes keep me going and accountable- to write every week no matter what. In fact, when I missed posting in the middle (45 posts in 52 weeks), and apologized on this blog, I got quite a few responses. That post titled Sorry! leads the pack on this blog and serves as a huge source of inspiration for me! Thanks again people, for your support and perspectives and encouragement.


2017 is a fresh year. Being a year older, and as am finally over thirty (and not almost as I stated the whole of last year!) – a year wiser: I hope to learn from all these insights and data and all that writing. With great hopes of growing as a person and blogger, I am all revved up to write more and better and possibly even more, in this new year!

Wishing all reading this post (or skimming, no problems)- a wonderful hear ahead! Until the next post, Adieu!


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