About Me- 2016

This was my About Page for the whole of 2016. Since, 2017 is here- my About Page is refreshed and this now-old page is a new blog post! While that is a sneaky way to add a post without doing much, it does mean looking at the past year and reflecting on it and of course, adding a new About Me page! What follows is the old content along with helpful comments in  bold from yours truly! (Yep, I don’t spare myself from my critique either! 🙂 )

Welcome to my blog! Really, thanks for stopping by!

This is the chronicling of an almost (birthday still months away) thirty year old’s [despite turning thirty in August, i did not change this line. Because… vanity!]catty musings, strong (charitable alternative to stubborn and rigid) opinions, random lists, (mis-)adventures and lessons as I meander through everyday life and chores, travel, motherhood, writing, books and more.

I love to blog because :

  • it gives me clarity of thoughts 
  • a chance to discover myself through changing ages, stages and opinions (like these posts- retrospectives galore)
  • an opportunity to engage with amazing people whom I could not interact with otherwise (i now follow such amazing bloggers who inspire and make me smile. I did update my Blogroll page even if I did not change my About Page! Insert angelic smile!)
  • I can write more lists (I love lists) (Love! Love! Love!)
  • it is a great medium to vent my eloquence (I talk a lot and I write like I speak) (Guess that is more than crystal clear!)
  • I can record ToddlerT’s antics = ammunition to embarrass her in later years, especially if she becomes a mommy (Would love to write ‘when she becomes a mommy’ but that MUST be her choice. No pressure) (I am definitely embarrassing her in adult life! Evil laugh!)
  • writing is fun (Yes, it is!)

Thanks for reading and do post your thoughts- on why you blog, what you think of this one and more! (Many, many thanks!!)

Also, here are previous versions as I alter this page almost every year.

About Me -2012 & 13

About Me -2014

About Me -2015


Share your thoughts and comments here.

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