Holidays and DIY projects    

This week marks the second week of holidays. With ample time and no deadlines, we had a fun time trying out all sorts of messy and DIY projects.

Below are pics of our projects. Some ground rules were: (self imposed and more like restrictions, since rules seldom work!)

  • No special supplies or purchases
  • Needs to foster creativity/ thinking
  • Should be fun for T and me. This was of utmost importance as the whole point of enjoying holidays is making memories. If one of us gets bored/ annoyed, that point is moot!

We had fun and am pleased to say with a little bit of imagination (to think of activities to do) and a little guidance (to T), we really had loads of fun doing all sorts of crafts.

An overview lies below:

Pizza Puzzle
Pizza Puzzle

This was T’s idea! I was impressed! Coloring, using scissors (under supervision obviously) , sharing pizza slices to color, waiting for both of us to finish before choosing the next pieces, naming our toppings / veggies and finally assembling in different ways, it was a good hour of fun! I loved being part of this, especially as I had to work under T’s direction. 


DIY Aquarium
DIY Aquarium

T carefully picked out and peeled her Finding Dory stickers on this sturdy disposable plate. Then she had a good fifteen minutes of fun pouring water  into her aquarium. We made waves and splashes and i was congratulating myself silently on my creativity when T trumped me! By saying, let’s add our other friends.


adding toys to DIY aquarium
The more, the Merrier!

It was fun to see T adding her toys friends and pretend play. All our little toys played in the sea, ran to the safety of the beach when they got scared by a shark attack, raced and chatted! (All brainwaves by T!) My only contribution was to teach T how to make our hopping frog jump. (Press and jump toy)
I have to say that we simply reused our existing toys, stickers and disposable plates and cups. So, it was all imagination and reuse! 

DIY Doll House
DIY Doll House
This cardboard box is our DIY doll house. Specifically for T’s toy named Chelsea. The furniture were all made from foam padding from a recent package we received. So, we had all the materials and spent a whole afternoon thinking of all the items a doll’s house needs and making it.

We also spent a whole evening imagining the painting and coloring we need to do for windows and doors and stuff.

A full separate morning was spent showing off the house (in it current unpainted state) to all her toys while a whole evening was spent showing said house to proud grandparents and aunts. Hee Hee! Amazing how a simple, not-at-all-Pinterest-worthy-project is still awesome to a preschooler! I am delighted that a few hours of work resulted in so many hours of entertainment and conversations! (Between real and imaginary people!😜)

Another project was painting boards- cardboard ones. I did not click pictures but it was so much fun! As a preview to painting our house, we colored various pieces of useless (or now useful) cardboard that we had lying around. It was so amusing to watch T dab strokes with a flourish and explain patiently what it was supposed to be! Fun and delightful!

We also refashioned T’s dressing table into a kitchen with appliances and produce. A whole mor ing’s worth of f arranging and two days of pretend cooking. Again, no photos but great memories!

All in all, these two weeks of holidays have been fun for both T and me! I had wondered if it would be extremely wearing for both of us to find activities we could do with so much time and energy on our hands and such bad weather. Especially as T is used to so much structured educational play in school. (When you also consider her superb and extremely patient teachers versus Me, I was worried) But, we’ve managed to have a blast! Yahoo!

Since this will be the last post of the year, am sharing a fun-filled post with great hopes of an even better year ahead! Wishing all those reading /skimming 🤔this post, a wonderful and prosperous New Year! 

Take care and stay warm! (Advance) Happy New Year!


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