Gingerbread Day

Today was the last day of school for T before her winter vacations. Happily today was also the day when the kids and parents got together to celebrate Gingerbread Day! Yayy!

Below are few pictures of our efforts and also my not-so-helpful observations:

T zealously adding candy on her cottage driveway

It was fascinating to see how kids imagined houses, complete with driveways, doors and windows, along with vivid details like snowmen, gummy families living in the houses, trees, snow, sun, animals, and so on just with candies and snacks. Even the little ones who were not yet three managed to describe their ideas – they only needed help with implementation. It was a tender and proud moment for all parents.

Snapping a picture while T ponders on where to add more red candies

I was also amazed to note that not one kid ate any of the candy. Sure, a few needed to ask if the candies were indeed only for craft or not, but all were satisfied with replies. Not one tiny hand mouthed any of the treats.

And every child waited to finish their craft before scarfing down treats on table on the far end of the hall. Delaying gratification despite strong temptation (visual and nasal) is no mean feat for adults, let alone kids. Witnessing such good behavior itself made the event a huge success in my eyes.

Our finished effort

I must add that my efforts were merely adding glue to the base as it was a bit difficult to spread for T. Otherwise, all ideas and execution was done by T alone.

Even though it looks like candies strewn all over, it actually represents a house with windows, doors, snowmen :marshmallows topped with choco chips, carousel: cookie with dummies, bushes :fruit gummy, snail: green striped candy with green M&M and so on.

With other splendid kiddie efforts

Fences, flags, trees- most kids had been quite creative and detailed. I have to commend their powers of observation. Sigh! No wonder they say little pitchers have big eyes and ears!

T was all praise for her friends’ creations!

Loved the colored glue- melted candy and glue and cracker fences.

T and her friends all were excited to point out parts they liked in each others’ gingerbread cottages. It was so sweet to see such innocent glee and praise showered on works of others. I had to tell myself that this was one trait I as an adult could follow- being genuinely interested in others good work and successes and actually appreciate it. While I do make it a point to sincerely compliment people and their work, I sometimes don’t. For a host of reasons- like competition, ambition, insecurity, indifference, disinterest. Inspired by the little people around me today, I resolved not to let baser emotions stand in the way of genuine interest and appreciation.

All in all, today was a fun day- with many sweet memories and a few not-too-sweet self-realizations. Yes, one does learn something new every day!


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