Daily Prompt-Journey

In this post , I chose the Daily Prompt Journey. Here, I thought I’d write about my mental journey whenever I think about a topic to write about while struggling for inspiration. You know I am lacking any great content when I check Daily Post for topics. But hey, that’s adulthood- plodding along even without inspiration/ will/ inclination and getting around to doing what’s right. 

Plus, Daily Post has such great topics, it’s a guaranteed cure for even the worst of writing blocks!

Anyway, back to the topic on hand- the mind of this writer while composing a post on minimal inspiration but enough conscientiousness! (Ha ha ha – shameless plug in for me! But then my blog!plus, the tag line says it all! So, that’s expected!)

The first thing that came to my mind was the journey of motherhood! An exciting and exhilarating and arduous one and one that has made me appreciate what a wonderful woman my own mom is! And yes, the phrase “you’ll know when you’re a parent” IS true! I am now waiting my turn to pass this statement on! (Ok, aloud I mean! T is a threenager, so I have had plenty of opportunities to say it in my mind!)

Then I pondered about my typical journey inside our house. Specifically after tiptoeing out of a sleeping T’s room. Now ideally this would be straight to work on a laptop. Or to a good old book and a slice of dessert. But when has good sense ever prevailed when needed? No :it usually begins with a trip to the kitchen: boil milk for T’s post-nap cup and a plate of junk for me. Next an assessment of the house. Any extremes: a tiny mess or no place for my toes means clean up time. Else, it means simply doing one forgotten thing after another. First, saunter into the workstation : check and respond to emails. See reminders for bill payment/ setting appointments and do it. While doing that, see tiny messes: clean up. Walk into kitchen for water: drink and notice sink. Unload dishwasher and perhaps load. Remember stuff to buy and then add to list on phone. Get distracted. Get startled by alarm that says twenty minutes have passed. Put phone on charge. Repeat and repeat from start! Just thinking about this prompted me to update a few items on my shopping list and get up for a snack! (JK!)

But I also wondered about my journey as a blogger. How I have learnt a lot and evolved. I wanted to write grown but I having truly journeyed so far, I know that I cannot always give my best. So, that is another journey that I cherish and keep getting amazed by!

Musing further, I think about actual trips and journeys that I have been on! The joy of seeing world famous places and the thrill of discovering off beat retreats; of being completely ‘touristy’ and also being in time stoppingly beautiful and secluded areas. It brings back so many memories and adventures. 

And these meandering thoughts and philosophical turns and more are what my thoughtful journeys are all about! So what does the word ‘journey’ evoke for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay happy and stay warm!

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