This post is a response to the prompt at Daily Post. As a mom and writer, my life seems to be full of decisions, big and small; leading me to constantly ponder- this or that?

Listed below are a few examples in no specific order:

  • Write a blog post (however slowly and finish) OR finish reading that book (and get material to write a review but lack time to finally write the post)?
  • Clean in small increments (even if the constant piling mess is annoying) OR risk a huge cleaning day?
  • Feed Toddler myself and make her dependent OR fume silently while she lingers and dallies over food?
  • Skip rest to do chores while the child naps OR rest now and stress over the juggle later?
  • Comment on my favorite blogs OR try to tackle writer’s block?
  • Log time and know where I get distracted OR get distracted by logging time in excruciating detail?
  • Dress cup and be judged OR dress down and be judged?
  • Stress over messy crafts OR messy kitchen?
  • Write more and get few likes for each post OR write less but get lots of likes for the same post?
  • Spend time on cleaning OR exercising? [Both are Not an option!! I ma just happy that the options are not shower or put makeup! 🙂 ]
  • Wonder whether to add photo of child on Facebook OR not? (I don’t but I have allowed a few untagged photos!! )
  • Code/Write in short bursts risk task switching OR in large bursts at the cost of other chores?
  • Publish on time and publicly add updates later OR keep editing and publish late?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!! To do OR not to do when there is no middle ground? How do you resolve the daily struggles of life? Let me know in the comments section!

And in the meanwhile, I shall decide if I should painstakingly plan the weekend for fun OR just let it go and hope I have fun!


6 thoughts on “Or

  1. Darling Nimmu, You write so well. I was delighted by your subtle, tongue in cheek, good-natured, humorous insights. Please check out the following typos:

    – Dress *cup *and be judged OR dress down and be judge

    Dress up is written as Cup.

    I *ma* just happy that the options are not shower or put makeup! 🙂 ] – am Loved your post and liked it!

    Your No. 1 Fan Also Your Mom


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