Cubs, Dinosaurs and More

The Cubs won!! Go Cubs Go!!

It feels like even the weather Gods are celebrating with such amazing, sunny days! And while, I am not much into sports, the cheer and energy of all the ecstatic fans are infectious! 

With Monday’s Halloween and a week full of working overtime to prevent an overdose of sugar for T and me, this tired Mama is goi g to keep the post short and saccharine!


over regulation
Ariel- on the day after Halloween ! Daddy bought two outfits for his cutie!
Halloween Party at school
Halloween Party at school
Despite my best efforts, that kid (T’s senior) looked at me. I really wanted one in which everyone is performing!


Halloween Party at school
playing games in school
loot from school Halloween Party
loot from school Halloween Party

  With our 3D crafts! All punch outs and assembling- no glue, no scissors, no mess or trouble!

Oh, and now to the Dinosaur bit. T and I are making a dinosaur zoo complete with plants and stuff. We plan to make a proper zoo as well. I love it because:

  • It’s fun
  • Takes time
  • Is educational- so, we learn about nature, science and practise motor skills
  • Creative and exciting
  • Gives T and me a sense of accomplishment 
  • Bonus: gives me fodder for my posts! Yay!

And on that happy note: it’s time to welcome the weekend! Adieu!


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