Happy & Sweet!

Diwali- the festival of Lights is here…!

Or at least on its way- depending on what Calendar you follow and where you live. But it’s that season of the year again for Indians, when we totally binge on sweets and snacks. Woo-hoo! And usually, no one counts calories. Everyone shares sweets and good wishes and dresses up and visits.

Here, in Chicago, the cold is well on its way and only increasing-s0, a hot kitchen and warm aromas of ghee and sweets are most endearing. And when your family sends out a hamper of home cooked sweets- you know that the jubilations and celebrations have started with a bang!

Diwali also means wearing grand clothes with lots of bling. For a ‘dhinchak, bling-loving’ person like me, this is a great opportunity to dress in all sorts of psychedelic colors and layer myself in accessories. I am always happy to be presented with occasions where I can be as OTT as I want! Yippee!!

We also have Halloween on Monday! Which means loads of candies and dressing up and hanging out with friends- all at once! Sweet!! T and I are both always excited for Halloween- T for the candy that she ‘earns’ and me for the sight of little people determinedly strutting up and down corridors (we live in an apartment, so we thankfully escape trudging in the cold) all by themselves AND on their best behavior. (Bonus for Moms: Our little tykes are so tired, they sleep well! Woo-hoo!)

As anyone reading this post can imagine, this post is written in great cheer and happiness. Happy Diwali! Have a great weekend! And since my next post will be well after Monday- Happy Halloween!



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