Childish Lens

In today’s post, I am adding a few photos to represent T’s point of view. Funny, startling and completely offbeat – no wonder people in close contact with kids are found to have a better imagination and higher creativity!


This rendition of ET is ME!!

When I saw this picture, I was perturbed for a minute. Who wants to resemble an alien? It was quickly replaced by happiness. After all, ET is cute and famous! (This is what life is all about! Making lemonade with lemons! And if you are a mom, drink it. You need the energy! 🙂 )


This is what hiding looks like!

Much like George in Peppa Pig, T hides quite conspicuously. But then, turning a blind eye is my forte; so, we are well matched!


Cooking Time

T’s baby doll has to eat what she cooks- including the lemon. No wonder the poor thing is looking so blue!


I am Busy, she says!??!!

Once in a glorious while, T will be busy. Doing nothing! Ah, bliss! So, I simply sit back and relax!!!


Pretend Pumpkin/ Apple Picking

Obviously, our apartment does not boast of farming land or apple trees or pumpkin patches. But, where there is a creative will, there is certainly a childish way! We pretend pine cones are fruits and pick them. ( Our neighborhood squirrels have since then abandoned our area!)


Plane ride for Friends

In reply to why T’s little toys were being scolded- I learnt that they were not sitting strapped in on their plane ride!! Notice Tinker Bell’s hands- desperately trying to clutch on to something, anything! as she tries to save herself during the turbulent ride!


Sending friends to school in a bus?!!!

Yup,it is a bus and not a toy tool kit! Donald and Goofy’s facial expressions convey it all!

As every parent knows, kids teach us so many things! To be creative and resourceful! To be observant and curious! To be questioning but not judgmental! To be honest about our feelings and opinions (maybe not as much as them kids!!) but to also quickly forgive and forget!

I am trying to learn as much as I teach in this journey of motherhood, and would love to hear your thoughts on the same! Until then, it’s back to some imagineering! Adieu!



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