Lessons From School

School Rules Or Life Lessons?

Now that T is in pre-school, I thought why not recap some lessons learnt from school. While certainly mandatory as rules/ guidelines in her ‘Ladybug Class’, it is worth applying in everyday (grown-up) life too! Here goes the list:

  • Use Kind Words:

Words are powerful. So, why not use them wisely, kindly and nicely. Socrates’ Triple Filter Test might be difficult to practice all the time but at least the Kindness Filter ought to be mandatory.

  • Forgive:

Easier said than done. But, we all have made mistakes and someone ‘Let it Go’. Time to pass the favor to others. In fact, Marshall Goldsmith, one of my fav speakers and authors (and an acclaimed coach) also advises the same. I have not read all the great epics and religious texts, but ones I have also preach kindness and forgiveness. So, ‘Forgive’ and ‘Let it Go’!

  • Listen:

Despite the ‘2 ears and 1 mouth’ analogy, and countless proverbs and stories, listening is still tough. and in today’s world of connectivity, where you can speak/ text/ write all you like, it is so hard to just listen. And hence, even more important to do just that! I promise I shall listen to anyone who comments on this post or blog- like really ‘listen’ and only then respond. [Just to show I actually listened (:)) ]

  • Encourage Others:

This is such a lost art in today’s competitiveness. From our own skills to those of our families, our kids, our countries, even our faith; one-upmanship is sadly rampant. It is sad that ‘being good’ at a task is quick becoming ‘being better at that task than anybody else’. Nope, definitely not the same thing. I love how T’s teachers encourage them in a positive way and also to urge them to encourage others. For instance, T is wary of staircases, and it is so sweet to see her classmates usually encourage her or allow her to walk between friends. Three year olds can do it, so can grown ups.

  • Take Turns:

Even Peppa Pig and her friends know this is the only rule to follow. Okay, cartoon characters are fictional and this is a lame argument, but think about it! From driving rules to shopping queues to little playgrounds- it is the SAME rule everywhere. But no, I often catch myself and others do what we can to prevent it or circumvent it. Whether it is rushing to be the first in line or accidentally not seeing a person rushing to enter the elevator, it seems we are so busy (forever??), we can’t wait for out turn. Time to slow down and wait for our turn. Since T has fully grasped this concept, and now gleefully announces ‘We have to wait for our turn’; at least I am reformed. 🙂

  • Think Before Acting:

Like words, actions have consequences. With all the technology and virtual footprints of this age, what we say and do, quite possibly stored somewhere. Needless to say, be very careful and mindful of what you do! Also, with our little cherub around, we are learning to be extremely careful of what we say and do. Because she is watching (all the time!!! 😦 ) and regurgitates it at appropriate (according to her) intervals. (Yup, tempting chocolate box- I am looking at you!!!)

  • Talk it Over aka Use Your Words:

Communication, communication, communication! From books on parenting to being a Great Boss to Success, they all essentially hinge on the same concept. Talk, discuss, take feedback, converse. Need I say more?

And on that preachy note, I am off to listen and learn more. Do share your thoughts, agreements or disagreements, and especially suggestions below. Have a great weekend; stay safe and stay happy!


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