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I recently Googled ‘Conversation Starters’ and got this great link of 250 questions. Well, I tried answering them (I know, that’s not how it is used, but never mind!) and these are the insights I got:

  • It was fun and enjoyable.
  • Preschooler T also responded to the questions (to what she understood of it) and it was amazing to hear her answers.
  • They also revealed a lot about my inner thoughts, opinions and priorities.
  • T’s answers gave me a lot of insights on what she does in school and what she likes to do at home (most answers revolved around Tea Parties and her Monkey family! 🙂 ) as well as fears.
  • I found T’s reply to the question on fears quite fascinating and inspiring. She simply stated “I have no Fears, but I don’t like dull. Dark is not good. I like bright”. (She dislikes having her vision being limited, even for things like pulling a shirt over her head.)
  • I now have a handy list of Qs to pose at just about any event.
  • I skipped the Qs on technology – which just shows that despite being a software professional, I like my conversations to center around things other than work.
  • I also left the Weird Conv starters for answering later,and am curious as to what T will reply.
  • It also struck me that T is now old enough to be a bigger part of conversations than the old, boring, ‘What’s your name? Where do you study? Who are your friends?’ routine!

Try these conversation starters- at gatherings or with kids or just answer them yourself. You might be surprised.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe!