Apple Picking- 1

Last month, we had guests over from Texas and India. They visited all the major tourist hubs in and around Chicago and loved it. But, as part of our hospitality, we decided to take them to an Apple Farm for peach and Apple picking. It also happened to be T’s first picking outing.

The entire tour was great and the fruits amazing. No wonder people rave over farm grown organic produce. Plus, T’s grandpa has taught her loads of tips in his home garden, so she was right at home in the place. More so than us city slickers! 😊

I share here photos of our grand and enjoyable  visit. FYI, it was Apple Holler Farm in Wisconsin, a forty five minute drive from our suburban apartment in Illinois. The apple varieties available at that time were tart and semi- sweet, our guide informed us. But the peaches were sweet and pure heaven. We plan to go back late this month or early next month in time for delicious and sweet apples.


green ticket ragd for apple picking
Ticket tags
reception and waiting area of farm
Delightful Front Reception

Waiting area - before picking delicious apples
Waiting area – before picking delicious apples

apple trees full of apples
Yummy, lush apples- tasting is FREE!

apple farm transport- tram/ train carts
Our quaint transport to the apple orchards

toddler racing to pick peaches
Peaches- here we come!

Sweet, juicy, fresh peaches
Sweet, juicy, fresh peaches
Genuine, real tractor!
Genuine, real tractor!
Pupper show theatre
Pupper show theatre- we missed the show though!


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