A House for Happy Mothers- Amulya Malladi

I finished ‘A House for Happy Mothers’ by Amulya Malady last month. (Thanks Amazon Prime membership for the free Kindle e-book every month) The book revolves around the business of surrogate mothers by narrating the story of an infertile woman and the woman she chooses to ‘carry’ her baby.

I was not sure if I wanted to read a book on such an uncomfortable and emotionally tugging topic; but with a recommendation from Mommy dearest, I went ahead and read the novel. (My mom has a knack for recommending books based on book plots and the would-be-reader’s preferences and tastes in reading!) As usual, the recco was apt and totally accurate.

The book does touch on surrogacy and the dark underside of it- the mixed emotions, guilt, uncertainties,  complications and trauma. But not in excruciating depth or prolonged passages. Some readers might find it off-putting or even superficial; but for me, it was the right amount of info- in small, manageable doses; interspersed with other characters, scenes and settings. Life, after all, is like that, is it not? We always have multiple things brewing- all of it equally demanding and urgent!

I loved the different characters and their dilemmas and perspectives. Unexpectedly, the novel also touches on the perspectives of the male characters and how they are affected by life’s various turmoils. Some characters were stereotypical, I admit. But having seen plenty in real life, I must cut the author a bit of slack. 🙂 Art follows life and all that!

The climax is abrupt, but exactly how the novel needed to end. The scenes too, seamlessly narrate the lives of multiple principal characters- in varied formats :online chats, flashbacks, social settings, reflections, conversations. Nothing seemed disjointed or confusing, increasing my enjoyment of the book. What I liked most was the unapologetic and simple treatment of a sensitive and discomforting concept. A great summer read overall!

Am truly looking forward to perusing the author’s other penmanship. What do you folks think? Have you read the book or author? Please leave your thoughts or disagreements. I love hearing a different take on my opinions and reviews.


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