India, Weddings and More…- Part 1

I have been away from blogging for more than a month. The reasons are the same as the title of this post. Instead of excuses or lengthy monologues on what we did, below are photos of all the fun stuff we did!   

toddler playing in bed
Playing in all sorts of poses
mom. and toddler walking in airport
Plenty of walking at airports
back view of toddler in Indian silks
Trying on traditional silk garbs
toddler playing floor puzzles
Playing Puzzles
toddler in two ponytails
Hair dressing by Grandma
home grown veggies
Cutting veggies with Grandpa in terrace garden
toddler in hat and diapers
Running around on hot days with only a hat on and not much of anything else

floor puzzles and toddler
Beating the heat with cool puzzles

toddler painting
Painting and coloring with Grandma
kid in 'maangtika- a head ornament
Trying out head ornaments and more
kid with mehendi
What is an India wedding trip without Mehendi?


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