NaNoWrimo camp in July is right around the corner. I will not be a participant but I shall be researching for my fiction novel for NaNoWriMo in November.

Unfortunately, inspiration is far from here for me. And that means, I have to look at past successes to myself to capture a basic outline, characters, scenes and so on. WHat better than to look at my old blog posts. Scrolling back and forth, I found just the two I was looking for- two solitary pieces of fiction crafted by me.

Here are the links:

I am so delighted. While not masterpieces, they are my work and I am proud of them. Plus, they have given me food for thought, a starting point for a new book and definitely are the centerpieces for this blogpost. So, definitely still useful. Also, they are close to my heart simply because they give me the confidence that given time, careful thought and effort, I can do anything. And that is amazingly inspiring.

On that happy and inspired note, here’s to an awesome Monday and week ahead! Adios!




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