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My week can be summed up in the following photo:

Coffee to survive the looooooong days! 

But while, the photo is beautiful and the coffee delicious, my week was from from picture perfect.

Snippets of harsh and unenviable reality are as follows:

The coffee is from our trip to Navy Pier. It seems so long ago after this busy and tiring week!

I have consumed tons of caffeine this week for staying awake day and night, tending to a sick and cranky toddler, my own cold, and     the lack of play dates. (Cruel cold bouts!!)

It was tea not coffee.

My actual house is a mess, and I am too tired to snap a photo (and only a breath away from snapping at the only other adult in the house). Hence, recycling this unused picture from my full photo gallery.

But that is magic of life (and social platforms). There is more than what meets the eye! 😜

With hopes for a better weekend and weather, wishing everyone a great weekend. And a very Happy Mothers Day to all Moms out there!