We went to the Chicago Sports museum a fortnight ago, and despite reservations, we all loved it!

First, I’d like to list the reasons why I did not think it would be a blast:

Hubs, ToddlerT and I are not very conversant with American sports. I know- sad, but true. So, we were not very sure, if we would actually appreciate the place. Even with my sis along as a guide. (She always has fun facts to share- on every topic imaginable! ) 

ToddlerT is still small and (like me) not a big sports enthusiast. Even though her favorite activity is fast becoming hurling Lego blocks as far as she can throw.

The place is big but not massive like the other museums in Chicago. 

Hubs is not a fan of museums in general. 

ToddlerT is at an age where her attention is fleeting and ability to exercise her ‘inside voice’ extremely limited. (I have to point out here, that all of Chicago’s tourist attractions have been super kid-friendly and extremely accommodating of all sorts of ‘childish’ behavior. I don’t know why I still fear T running amok in destructive mode. Because I am a worrier, that’s why! 😦 )

‘What on earth would we do there?’ was our lingering doubt. But, I am glad we went : because we had a riot. It was amazingly entertaining and all of us enjoyed it to the fullest. 

ToddlerT loved the lights and equipment and the fact that she could join in everything too! Plus, the point was to throw and hurl here, so she was delighted beyond words.

Hubs loved the Playstations and virtual sports section. This is probably the only museum visit that he enjoyed every minute of!

I loved the brief histories, the photo opportunities, the short videos, the cute mascot, the sport and science behind sport lessons, and the fun facts! I did do miserably on all the sport actions, real and virtual- but hey, I got cheered on by a gleeful ToddlerT; so it was utterly worth it! Bonus: inspiration for this blog post! 

Sis dear loved it too! She probably was the only one in our group who fully appreciated the place, owing to her knowledge of all the sports and players. But it does not matter- this wonderful sport and tourist attraction caters to everyone, small and grown up; the clueless and ardent fans. 

Below are photos I managed to snap in between trying my hand at football, basketball, racing and baseball.

Starry entrance beckons all
Measure your aim against the legends!
Pretending my aim is excellent! Even T fared better!
Virtual try-outs!
Trying to score at commentary!
Measuring reponse times! Proof that I am awful!
Venting by blowing up a baseball!
Results of the vertical leap. Interestingly, Hubs and I both scored the same! Yayy!
Big shoes to fill indeed!
The place was so much fun, I am recommending it to all my friends – especially with kids. Bonus: it is housed in a gorgeous, lavish mall , so refreshments (for tired parents and revved up kids) and shopping (read therapy) are always close by.